Purchase consultation:400-000-1631On trial
Purchase consultation:400-000-1631On trial
Purchase consultation:400-000-1631On trial
Mail Peripheral Products

Archiving system

Express system


Archiving system Email confidentiality / Orderly archiving / Mail confidential security traceability / Evidence of proof is available. specials MORE

Express system Distributed cloud storage / Multi-machine deployment / One-stop million-level massive delivery channels MORE

中文邮 Full Chinese account domain name / Easy-to-use / First choice for enhancing the external image of Chinese enterprises MORE

Cloud services

CAC anti-spam

Overseas cloud image

Big Data Cloud Anti-Virus

Overseas email

CAC anti-spam MORE

Overseas cloud image Based on China / Globally oriented / Overseas Cloud Server / Speed up more than 6 times MORE

Big Data Cloud Anti-Virus Network-wide characteristic collection / Multiple engines / Distributed configuration / System efficiency and virus prevention effect double guarantee MORE

Overseas email Based in China / Globally oriented / Global multipoint deployment / High-efficient arrival of emails MORE

Industry solutions

Financial solutions

Security solutions

Secrets-involved mail solution

Mobile solutions


Financial solutions High-efficient mailbox core / Big data ability to identification fraud /Ensure customer financial information security MORE

Security solutions Comprehensive security assurance /Reinforce information fortress /Government, state-owned enterprises, financial and other industry exclusive solutions MORE

Secrets-involved mail solution 19 years of technology accumulation / Cases of the Party and government offices and other secret-involved units / Recognized by Secrecy Administration Bureau of the People’s Republic of China / Effectively reflect the spirit of secrecy laws MORE

Mobile solutions Break through space limitations / Pocket office MORE

Eristic specials MORE

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